Rails 3 Deep Dive

Jeremy McAnally (Arcturo)
Location: Ballroom I Level:
Presentation: Rails 3 Deep Dive Presentation [PDF]
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This workshop will tour through a number of advanced, in-depth topics
on Rails 3. We’ll look take a tour of many of the new additions to
Rails 3, talk about how to exploit Rails’ new focus on Rack to your
advantage, dig around in the source to really understand how many of
the pieces work (and how to use that understanding effectively), and
take a look at how to bring some common, advanced patterns used in
Rails 2.x into the world of Rails 3.

Photo of Jeremy McAnally

Jeremy McAnally


Jeremy has been developing applications with Ruby and Rails for a little over five years, but before that he tortured himself with PHP, C#, Python, VB, and other instruments of destruction. After finding the light, he worked with Ruby for a while and penned Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book (soon to be published by No Starch). Since then he has continued writing software, books (such as Ruby in Practice for Manning), open-source code (such as dcov, context, and more), presentations for numerous Ruby conferences and user groups, blogs at http://omgbloglol.com, and basically done anything he can to sharpen his Ruby (and Rails)-Fu. He likes good food, good times, and a mean game of Wii Sports Resort Tennis.

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Derek Croft
06/17/2010 5:58am EDT

There was some good content here. The problem wasn’t with the content or the presenter, it was with the tutorial format. Having the crowd break out and try to implement things on their own in a very limited amount of time doesn’t work very well, especially when there is no working Internet. Future tutorials should be demonstrations by the presenters only.

Rafael Magana
06/15/2010 6:34pm EDT

Very often geniuses don’t know how to explain the most basic things, hehehe, excuse me Jeremy but didn’t know to handle an ignorant audience (including me) and you didn’t know how to explain such a simple thing like how to create a Rack app and you got desperate too soon because nobody understood you, and that made me feel like if you were thinking we were a bunch of imbeciles (I’m not saying you were wrong, hehe), and I think that if you decide to teach something you should be ready to meet some ignorants.

Picture of Darren Hinderer
Darren Hinderer
06/11/2010 12:49pm EDT

I thought the topics you choose were at a great level (at least for me) and gave some cool insights to how rails 3 works now. But your grasp of how well the audience was following along was low. I spent more than half of the time wishing you were on a previous slide. Would have been great to your simple code examples readily available in git repos or something.

Keith Norman
06/11/2010 11:16am EDT

Good intentions but croud got lost early on and speaker wasn’t feeling well. Lead to a bit of a train wreck. I learned how to plug a Sinatra app into a rails app easily though and that clarifies a lot for me so it was worth it.

David Harmon
06/11/2010 4:11am EDT

The content was interesting but I think the tutorials lost me.

Daniel Lepage
06/08/2010 6:51am EDT

instruments of destruction….

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