Metrics Magic

Aaron Bedra (Relevance, Inc.)
Location: Room 307 - 308 Level:
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Do you have code quality and analysis tools hooked up to your code? Do those metrics fail your builds if they fall below standards? If you answered no to either of these questions you owe it to yourself to get to this talk and see how it’s done. Once you learn how to wrangle code quality and coverage into your continuous integration, your life will never be the same. Your code will live at higher standards and you will never again wonder if someone committed code without tests or if a method snuck into your app that is 70+ lines long. You will take a look at:

  • RCov
  • Flog
  • Flay
  • Roodi
  • Reek

and some wrapper tools like metrics-fu. You will take an even closer look at RCov with it’s current maintainer Aaron Bedra as he shows off its hot new look and some of its new features like built in failures when your code falls below threshold and nocov.

Photo of Aaron Bedra

Aaron Bedra

Relevance, Inc.

Aaron is a programmer at Relevance, Inc. in Durham North Carolina. He is the current maintainer of RCov and Safe-ERB and has contributed to countless open source projects. His background in code analysis and security make for a perfect storm of awesomeness that only Chuck Norris himself can beat.

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Rafael Magana
06/15/2010 6:39pm EDT

I’m with you, Christian Sage. The same happened to me. Good session, though.

Picture of Christian Sage
Christian Sage
06/08/2010 10:10am EDT

Very good session. Only gripe: Aaron talks really fast, and for a non-native speaker like me some of the things he said were moderately hard to understand. However, in terms of content it was definitely valuable.

Jonathan Rochkind
06/08/2010 8:20am EDT

Very good session. But not being familiar with certain of the tools mentioned, would have appreciated an overview of what some of those metric tools actually DO or tell you, how to respond to their reports. Familiar with rcov, all the others I don’t know what they are and was hoping for an intro. But very good session anyway.

Picture of Wes Morgan
Wes Morgan
06/08/2010 8:20am EDT

Pretty good talk. We’re already doing everything he covered, but it was probably pretty educational for others. He did a good job of showing real code examples and covered some good principles. Would have been nice to hear more about what each tool did, but I guess he gave us what we needed to know to RTFM on our own.

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