Persistence Smoothie: Blending SQL and NoSQL in Rails Applications

Flip Sasser (Intridea, Inc.)
Location: Ballroom II Level: Novice
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(2.24, 46 ratings)

Participants will learn about a number of available NoSQL persistence engines (including document-oriented databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB, key-value stores like Tokyo Cabinet and Redis, and more) and when they might be appropriate for a Rails application. In addition, attendees will learn good practice techniques for blending these systems together with traditional SQL for a “best of all worlds” implementation with real-world examples..

Flip Sasser

Intridea, Inc.

With strong expertise in Ruby on Rails and new web technologies, Flip applies his talents to a wide variety of projects for Intridea, Inc. One day you might find him writing a recommendation engine for restaurants, and another day he might be polishing off some open-source code.

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Flip Sasser
06/11/2010 7:29am EDT

Also – maybe you’ll get more mileage out of the demo project:

Flip Sasser
06/11/2010 7:27am EDT

John – thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry you were disappointed. I’d love to give the presentation again, but as you point out, it needs some rehearsing.

John Petersen
06/11/2010 6:45am EDT

It took 1.5 days to finally stumble across a disappointing session. Sadly, it was this one because the session had promise to be stellar. More sadly is the fact that Flip appears to be a very good presenter. It is clear to me that this session was not rehearsed. In a 50 min. time frame, you are limited to the degree you can live code. For sure, you cannot download/install code from repos. I hope Flip works on the presentation is afforded the opportunity to give it again as it has the potential to bring a lot of value to the development community,.

Picture of Steven Haddox
Steven Haddox
06/09/2010 12:28pm EDT

The content that was prepared was presented well. When Flip ran out of content from mis-estimating his presentation he did an awesome job of trying to live-code (more daring than I would have been) and added a ton of humor that easily off-set the extra time remaining.

Awesome job on keeping your circumstances in mind, admitting to the situation, not mumbling or back-stepping, and keeping us entertained Flip!

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