Charles Nutter

Charles Nutter
JRuby Architect, Engine Yard, Inc

Charles Oliver Nutter co-leads the JRuby project and is one of the three core developers. He joined Sun Microsystems in September 2006 and has since worked to improve and advance JRuby and other dynamic language support on the JVM. Charles has developed in Java for the past decade as well as having written Windows and .NET applications. Before coming to Sun, Charles was a lead Java EE architect, and now hopes to make dynamic languages ready for enterprise Java platform development.


Location: Pavilion 9 - 10 Level:
Charles Nutter (Engine Yard, Inc), Thomas Enebo (Engine Yard, Inc.)
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(4.30, 30 ratings)
Since last year, JRuby usage has grown tremendously. We've also released more than a dozen releases, fixed hundreds of bugs, and committed thousands of revisions. In this session we'll update you on JRuby performance in real applications, show you what people are using it for like GUIs and games, and demonstrate how JRuby is improving the Ruby and Rails worlds. Read more.
Location: Ballroom B Level:
Charles Nutter (Engine Yard, Inc), Evan Phoenix (Engine Yard)
Average rating: ****.
(4.44, 57 ratings)
A walkthrough of how common and popular Ruby features are actually implemented, with a focus on how they work, why they behave the way they do, and why they do or do not perfom well. If you'd like to better understand What Makes Ruby Go, this is the talk for you. Read more.
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