Crate: Packaging Standalone Ruby Applications

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Sometimes the best solution is a standalone application that you can give to a client or customer to just drop on a machine and run. Maybe it is a web service, or a desktop data entry application, or mass deployed background agent, or you have no control of the deployment environment. In any case, there are situations where deploying a full ruby stack may not be an option.

This talk will cover the Crate project and how it may be used to package your application, be it commandline, server, or web application. The end result is a statically built, standalone executable of the ruby interpreter and all dependent binary extensions. The application code, ruby stdlib, dependent gems, and other assets are packed into one or more SQLite databases.

Photo of Jeremy Hinegardner

Jeremy Hinegardner

Collective Intellect

Jeremy Hinegardner lives in Boulder, CO and has been programming Ruby since 2001. He writes weird corner case gems such as crate, heel, amalgalite, hitimes and a few others. Jeremy also contributes to the Fedora/EPEL community by packaging nginx, HAProxy, beanstalkd and a few other applications.

He works for Collective Intellect writing Ruby applications converting social media data into market intelligence, and in his copious free time plays at being a nature photographer

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Picture of Kimberly Bench
Kimberly Bench
05/06/2009 3:48am PDT

Lots of great info! being a newb to RoR—not quite even amateur, this talk really excited me about packaging my first app!

Jeremy is very personable and approachable! Wonderful to meet! Glad I came to Rails Conf ‘09 :)

Picture of Peter Cooper
Peter Cooper
05/05/2009 6:54am PDT

Was only there for half of it but what I saw was very good (had an urgent phone call, sorry!) Really want to dig into this and write it up for Ruby Inside sometime.

Presentation style was pretty good. Not too fast, not too slow.

Picture of Jeremy Hinegardner
Jeremy Hinegardner
05/05/2009 5:23am PDT

I have uploaded my presentation and it is also avaialble at

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