Rails Metal, Rack, and Sinatra

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Rails 2.3 introduces a hot new feature: Rails Metal. Metal allows you to build Rack endpoints for selected URLs in your app. Optimize your high-frequency, low-complexity actions with Rails Metal and get a 2x – 3x performance boost.

Even better: you can use Sinatra, the microframework that everyone’s talking about, from Rails Metal. Capture the speed and elegance of Sinatra from within your existing Rails app!

This talk will provide a brief overview of the basics of Rack and Sinatra, so no prior knowledge of either project is required.

Photo of Adam Wiggins

Adam Wiggins


Adam Wiggins is the author of RestClient, a contributor to Sinatra, a cofounder of Heroku, and generally a total bad-ass. In 2008 he spoke at events such as Railsconf and Rubyconf. He blogs about agile methodologies, Ruby, Erlang, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship at adam.blog.heroku.com.

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05/09/2009 3:05pm PDT

I was hoping for more from this. It was pretty much a primer of everything I already knew about rails metal and rack.

Andy Koch
05/08/2009 2:38am PDT

more details on Rack and how it works would have been good. Overall, good talk.

Michael Gaffney
05/06/2009 6:53am PDT

I could have got this by reading one blog post or a Readme.

Don French
05/06/2009 6:38am PDT

Good follow up to yesterday’s Sinatra presentation. Probably would not have made experienced people happy as Adam started at a lower level with a good introduction. But that is a problem through out the conference so far. Either the people new to Rails are unhappy or the advanced are. It is impossible to provide information to satisfy both levels in a short presentation.

Gave me additional confidence to use SInatra/Metal in my application particularly in the API area.

Picture of Tony Hillerson
Tony Hillerson
05/06/2009 5:13am PDT

Short and sweet like Sinatra

Picture of Rob Biedenharn
Rob Biedenharn
05/06/2009 4:48am PDT

Too brief and too much of an overview. I can overlook the minor syntactic problems on the slides, but it would have been nice to see a full Rack+(Sinatra/Metal/Rails) instead of just the parts in isolation. More detail on Rack would have been a great step toward a better rating.

Mark Yoon
05/06/2009 4:36am PDT

Nice presentation – I feel more confident about using metal and Sinatra

Picture of Tony Brewer
Tony Brewer
05/06/2009 4:22am PDT

Good intro to Sinatra use in Rails. Would be nice to have more technical details – hard to do in 50 mins. Great presentation.

Picture of Emmanuel Sambo
Emmanuel Sambo
05/06/2009 4:13am PDT

Very nice eye opener of why to use Sinatra in Rails

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