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Cucumber’s plain text language for describing an application’s behaviour has become a popular tool for many Ruby and Rails teams. What’s all the fuzz about?

In this session you will see how Cucumber and BDD can be used on a real Rails project. You will learn how to install and run Cucumber and how to write features using Webrat and other related tools. I will also share my experience about how to write well-formed features and scenarios, and how to deal with common problematic situations.

The presentation will be in the form of a small, fast paced project, alternating between customer-team conversations and real-time programming with Cucumber and Rails.

Photo of Aslak Hellesøy

Aslak Hellesøy

Cucumber Limited

I do Agile, Ruby and Java stuff. I wrote about a third of RSpec and most of Cucumber.

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Picture of Aslak Hellesøy
Aslak Hellesøy
05/07/2009 6:09pm PDT

Audio is available here

Interview with InfoWorld here”:http://www.infoworld.com/d/developer-world/cucumber-hot-technology-developer-event-447

Picture of Joel Shapiro
Joel Shapiro
05/07/2009 11:00am PDT

Good job! Well-presented in a professional manner. Interesting stuff. Just the right amount of jokes. I will try using Cucumber after being inspired by your talk!

Steve Newell
05/06/2009 3:44am PDT

I would have appreciated a 1/2 day tutorial.

Picture of Aslak Hellesøy
Aslak Hellesøy
05/05/2009 11:43am PDT

Thanks for all the great feedback. I realise I only had 40 minutes (6:35 – 7:15), but had prepared for 50 minutes (thought it would start 6:25).

Come and ask questions at irc://freenode.net/cucumber or the mailing list if you have questions.

Tip for conference organisers: Make sure speakers get all the announced time ;-)

Aaron Hawkins
05/05/2009 10:50am PDT

I’m new to cucumber -and this was a great introduction. I can see how developing this way can be addictive. I love the comment from twitter about it being testing crack.

Don French
05/05/2009 10:40am PDT

Great talk. Would have liked to see it as a tutorial.

Ray Baxter
05/05/2009 10:20am PDT

This was a very clear talk. I agree that it could have been longer. Nice slides!

Picture of Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes
05/05/2009 10:18am PDT

Really good session by Aslak. This absolutely should have been one of the 1/2 day tutorials/workshops. Seeing/reading cucumber syntax is good, but you really only get a feel for it by watching it run and by writing and executing your own features and steps.

-Brian (aka. @Mac_Zealot)

Mark Yoon
05/05/2009 10:05am PDT

Thanks for giving a “flow” overview first.

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