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Presentation: jQuery on Rails Presentation [PDF]
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A 3 hour tutorial with Yehuda Katz of Engine Yard on jQuery on Rails.

Photo of Yehuda Katz

Yehuda Katz

Tilde Inc

Yehuda Katz is a member of the Ember.js, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams. His 9-to-5 home is at the startup he founded, Tilde Inc., where he works on Skylight, a Rails performance tool. Yehuda is the co-author of best-selling jQuery in Action and Rails 3 in Action. He spends most of his time hacking on open source—his main projects, along with others, like Thor, Handlebars and Janus—or traveling the world doing open source evangelism work. He blogs at http://yehudakatz.com and can be found on Twitter as @wycats.

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Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
05/15/2009 6:01am PDT

@will it’s also above; see “presentation.”

Will Emerson
05/12/2009 4:13pm PDT

This format is almost impossible to pull off. Too big for hands-on training, requires rock-solid code and examples, can’t match everyone’s experience, can’t satisfy anyone. For me this session was a waste of time. It was a contest of who knows this stuff already with very little real instruction or vision of how to use jquery in a real app. I know the constraints the instructors were under but it was not a good experience for me as a student. There was no outline or references before the class and no links to the presentation here. I just found the slides here: yehudakatz.com/wp-content/u...

Picture of Jason Ting
Jason Ting
05/07/2009 11:02am PDT

it was a good refresher on general jquery topics but i was expecting more emphasis and time on evented programming.

Picture of Charles Max Wood
Charles Max Wood
05/07/2009 8:30am PDT

This was an excellent way for me to learn about jQuery. I’m looking forward to jQuery goodness in rails

Picture of Amit Kazmirsky
Amit Kazmirsky
05/05/2009 9:17am PDT

I expected it to be more “On Rails” but it was general jQurey (and too simple).

Picture of Chris Schumann
Chris Schumann
05/04/2009 8:46am PDT

The lack of course description, lack of prerequisites, showing up late and unrehearsed were all things that could have been better. It’s unquestionable that the speakers knew their subject, but knowing the level of the talk would have helped the audience better self-select.

JavaScript and a good understanding of CSS were required for this tutorial, and I am apparently barely passable on those topics.

I also would have skipped this one. Some of us wanted to see why and how jQuery can help us make awesome Rails apps, and I’m afraid we didn’t really get enough of that.

Picture of Todd Sedano
Todd Sedano
05/04/2009 8:06am PDT

I really enjoyed the session. I must have been the ideal target audience. I have used CSS, but I’m not an expert. I have tried using JQuery, but I’m not an expert. I left the tutorial with a much better understanding of JQuery’s mental model and eager to write some code!

Don French
05/04/2009 4:59am PDT

It should have been stated that you really need good experience with Javascript/css and preferably jQuery. “Review” was truly a review. Quick showing of some of the commands and then do it. Since there was no write up about the session, there was no way to know the level of knowledge required.

The only good part for a beginner was some of the references as to what is available on the net related to jQuery.

“Some knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript would be useful, but is not strictly required” is not really true. You really needed a fair knowledge of both to have the tutorial worthwhile.

As far as I am concerned, it was a waste of time. Partially my fault for even taking the tutorial.

Picture of Yehuda Katz
Yehuda Katz
04/30/2009 6:00pm PDT

I’ll post more tomorrow, but we’re going to be reviewing the basics of jQuery first, and then explaining how to write more complex apps using evented jQuery. Some knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript would be useful, but is not strictly required.

If you’re brand new to both, you might feel that the tutorial moves at a fast pace.

Matthew Good
04/30/2009 4:49pm PDT

I had the same question – I’m signed up but concerned I should brush up on my Javascript/DOM; I’m a bit rusty.

Ken Hudson
04/29/2009 4:15am PDT

Hi Yehuda,

Can you please give us a rundown on what you’re going to cover? Also, should we have any software (e.g., jQuery and ??) installed prior to to the session?

Thanks, Ken

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