A-Z Introduction to Ruby on Rails

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Many come to RailsConf without being in the Rails world for very long, and are looking for a simple introduction to get started. Attendees to this interactive tutorial will gain a full understanding of Ruby on Rails.

Tutorial Outline

  • Introduction to Ruby
  • Introduction to Rails
  • Hands-on Lab
    - Create a basic Rails application
    - Explain MVC and see how Rails implements it
    - Generate scaffold and see what is where
    - Delve into ActiveRecord and how relationships work
    - Migrations: why and how
    - Capistano and deployment options
Photo of Robert Dempsey

Robert Dempsey

Atlantic Dominion Solutions

An agile development expert and Certified ScrumMaster with more than 10 years of experience in technology, Robert Dempsey is a highly sought speaker, trainer, and consultant in web application development – specifically with Ruby on Rails – and the Scrum project management framework. Robert founded Atlantic Dominion Solutions in 2000 as a full-service development, design, and marketing firm dedicated to giving clients a robust web presence and helping them drive traffic to it. Today, ADS builds web-based and internal applications for clients all over the world.

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Picture of Robert Dempsey
Robert Dempsey
05/28/2009 12:17pm PDT

Hi JoseLuis – any specifics on how I can make it better, or the information you would have liked to learn? I appreciate the feedback.

JoseLuis Torres
05/28/2009 7:27am PDT

Very disappointed with the tutorial I made a good effort to follow up but there was a lot of small missing parts that at the end anyone just following an online RoR tutorial would have make it better, sorry.

Zac Rogerson
05/05/2009 4:18am PDT

I am new to rails and had many questions. this tut answered most of them and made me interested enough to have several more.

Scott Robidoux
05/05/2009 3:45am PDT

As a Rails n00b, I really liked the session and how it ran through the basics of getting stuff up and running. Hopefully he will highlight additions and strike-through deletions of the code on his slides to make them easier to follow.

I would also suggest taking the video of the beginning because it takes awhile and takes time away from the important stuff. I understand his intention was motivation and I think time would be better spend somewhere else.

Picture of Anna Shipunova
Anna Shipunova
05/04/2009 9:22am PDT

It was very informative and useful. May be too slowly at the beginning and to fast at the end. But for one session I’ve got enough knowledge and now I fill myself more comfortable with Rails. Thanks a lot to Robert!

Picture of Robert Dempsey
Robert Dempsey
05/04/2009 9:18am PDT

Thank you everyone for the feedback on the talk. I am updating my slides as I write this with all of your feedback, and will include links (on my blog post which I will link to) to resources on deployment.

Picture of Justin Beck
Justin Beck
05/04/2009 9:04am PDT

Agree with other folks that I was disappointed at the end that we missed out on the final pieces of coding and deploying with Capistrano.

Otherwise, a great tutorial and I learned a lot about partials and nested resources… Very cool.

Shereen Qumsieh
05/04/2009 7:01am PDT

good session but in case robert gets this feedback, it helps to sometimes understand a bit more WHY we make the code changes that we do, and perhaps what would happen if we DIDN’T. often as a rails newbie, i don’t always understand how to debug, or how to begin troubleshooting errors i get in my code, especially since i come from a .NET background.

definitely needed file names on slides to know where to make changes but i think that feedback has already been mentioned a few times.

the end was also too rushy and i was looking forward to the capistrano and deployment piece of this.

however, i did learn a lot and robert is a good presenter/speaker. i really enjoyed attending this session.

Picture of Kimberly Bench
Kimberly Bench
05/04/2009 6:43am PDT

I was very impressed with this tutorial. the ONLY thing that disappointed me was that the right side of the room did not have power.

Robert was very personable and approachable. I think it was awesome that he told us that we could ask him for help with his tutorial during the entire conference. He made himself open to help each of us individually. I give him kudos for that!

I cannot wait to learn more! Great lecture/tutorial! Need more!

Robert Weston
05/04/2009 4:36am PDT

Seemed to really know his stuff. However…

He spent WAY to much time showing us inspirational video at the beginning and then had to rush through the end of the coding section. Really disappointing because he really lost me at the end, when we needed more time spent going over the code.

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