I Rock, I Suck, I am - Jumpstart Your Journey to Agile

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So you’ve read Kent Beck’s white book and heard him speak at RailsConf 2008. Agile yet?

Why not? Being Agile is not a destination or a happening. It’s a journey.

It took me 6 years, 4 companies, 6 jobs and 11-ish projects to make that journey. Now I feel confident enough to say that every day I am an Agile Engineer. Along the way I’ve spotted some patterns in philosophy, environment and tactics that can help jump-start a willing programmer down this path.

Like any journey, having an experienced guide is a good idea. Come listen to what one engineer has learned to see if it helps you.

Photo of Davis W. Frank

Davis W. Frank

Pivotal Labs

Davis has coded, managed, and wrangled at Intel, Broderbund, Handspring/Palm, a couple of forgettable startups and is now an Agile Engineer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

He misses Grunge, loves great barbecue, and expects live fish to stay in water at all times.

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Picture of Davis W. Frank
Davis W. Frank
05/07/2009 3:29pm PDT

@Joel – Thanks for the notes. Maybe that’s a good talk for next year? Make sure to check out Pivotal Blabs for various topics, including lots of good Agile stuff

Picture of Joel Shapiro
Joel Shapiro
05/07/2009 10:56am PDT

Interesting talk and the speaker seems like a nice guy who is very professional and very helpful. I think he’d be a good colleague to work with some day. I would have liked to have seen him discuss more of his favorite tools - that would have left me with more actionable things to follow-up on after the talk. His overall message was good, but more specific examples of good vs bad agile practices would have helped a bit. Thanks!

Picture of Davis W. Frank
Davis W. Frank
05/06/2009 5:22am PDT

Here’s the Remote Pairing / “AWESOME” screen sharing post

Picture of Davis W. Frank
Davis W. Frank
05/05/2009 12:19pm PDT


Many of you asked about the “Awesome Screen Sharing” Leopard app. I’ll post links/instructions to the Pivotal Blabs blog (pivotallabs.com/blabs) in a few days. Hope it helps you all.

And if you haven’t yet, please rate the talk if you were there.


Picture of Emmanuel Sambo
Emmanuel Sambo
05/05/2009 8:39am PDT

Very nice collection of useful Agile tips

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