Pool Party: Autoscaling on EC2

Location: D138 Level: Novice

Moderated by Ari Lerner, http://citrusbyte.com

This session focuses on the basics of starting your own EC2 cloud, getting an application running and how to scale it.

We will run though a basic example of getting a Sinatra application deployed and running on EC2.

Time-permitting, we will cover the basics of getting EC2 instances scaled on the new PoolParty gem. Pool Party is a tool for auto-scaling your Ruby on Rails applications running on Amazon’s EC2 cloud. It automatically enlarges or shrinks your computing cloud based on the load of your application based on custom configuration parameters.

The tool makes no assumptions of the purpose of the cloud, which is limited only by the software installed on the instance. It installs and auto-configures only the software necessary to maintain the cloud.

Discussion regarding different real-world examples will be discussed including how to glue together a queue-based work-cluster and a web application.

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