Refactotum: Contributing to Open Source

Location: Portland Ballroom 255 Level: Novice
Average rating: ****.
(4.11, 9 ratings)

Contributing to open source is great for your career. In a few short hours, you can learn, teach, promote your skills, and improve the quality of the community. In this unique workshop, we will show you how, by doing it.

  • download the source code
  • build and run tests
  • use rcov and code review to find problem areas
  • refactor some code
  • create and submit a patch

Take this opportunity to begin contributing to a Ruby on Rails open source project that interests you. Experts from the Rails community will be on hand to help you get started.

Photo of Stuart Halloway

Stuart Halloway


Stuart Dabbs Halloway is co-founder and CEO of
Relevance, Inc.. Relevance provides consulting, training, and development services for Ruby, Rails, Ajax, and Agile Java. Stuart is the author of
Component Development for the Java Platform. Stuart regularly speaks at industry events including the No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposiums and the Pragmatic Studio.

Prior to founding Relevance, Stuart was the Chief Technical Officer at DevelopMentor, the industry’s leading training company focusing exclusively on software developers. He received his B.S. and M.P.P. from Duke University in 1990 and 1994, respectively.

Photo of Justin Gehtland

Justin Gehtland

Relevance, Inc.

Justin co-founded Relevance in 2003 to put agile practices and new technologies to work solving problems and making waves.

Photo of Jason Rudolph

Jason Rudolph


Jason Rudolph is a Principal at Relevance, a leading consultancy and training organization specializing in Ruby, Rails, Groovy, and Grails, and integrating them into enterprise environments. Jason has more than nine years of experience in developing software solutions for domestic and international clients of all sizes, including start-ups, Dow 30 companies, and government organizations.

Jason is the author of the highly-praised book, Getting Started with Grails, and speaks frequently at software conferences and user groups. Jason also contributes regularly to the open source community, and is a committer to both Grails and the Streamlined framework.

Jason holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.

Photo of Rob Sanheim

Rob Sanheim

Relevance, Inc.

Rob Sanheim is a software developer with over eight years programming experience and over fifteen years of IT experience. He loves the Ruby programming language, beautiful design, and simple software that makes people happy. Rob has been practicing and constantly learning agile since he first realized that agile is basically common sense applied to software.

Rob has worked with large corporate behemoths, virtual internet startups, and most recently, a small shop called Relevance full of amazingly smart people who are passionate about quality software. He has been a co-editor for, a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, and has many open source projects and contributions.

Rob is a father of two and husband. He is a coffee snob and could eat Mexican food every day for weeks on end. He is curious about everything and will never ever be able to get through everything on his reading list.

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