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Sponsored Tutorials

On Monday, July 21, OSCON sponsors will provide an in-depth look at their core technologies and projects. These tutorials and sessions are free to attend—open to all attendees with a badge, even Expo Hall Only attendees.

Frederic Berg (SAP AG), DJ Adams (Bluefin Solutions Ltd), Andreas Kunz (SAP SE)
OpenUI5 is a powerful web UI library from SAP that has recently entered the open source world. With OpenUI5 you can easily develop enterprise-grade responsive web applications that run on multiple platforms. It is based on many open source libraries. Start from scratch and learn how to build OpenUI5 applications in this tutorial. Read more.
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Open Cloud Day at OSCON will cover the latest innovations in public and private clouds, IaaS, and PaaS platforms. You'll learn from industry practitioners from a variety of platforms, who will share their expertise, and provide you with a vision of where open source in the cloud is heading. Read more.
Kevin Crocker (Pivotal)
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Data scientists need to have a grab bag of tools available to accomplish the task of value-driven data analytics. Many of those tools are open source. Come see how Pivotal is leveraging and contributing to open source with data science. Special focus on: R, Python, MADlib, Open Chorus, Apache Tomcat, Apache Hadoop, Redis, Rabbit MQ, Cloud Foundry and other open source toolkits. Read more.
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Building a cloud is one part of the equation. To get work done with a cloud you need a solid ecosystem that goes with it. In this hands-on tutorial we go through some of the tools in the CloudStack ecosystem: Cloudmonkey, Libcloud, Vagrant, Ansible, and Ec2stack. Come ready to learn and use a cloud. Read more.