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David Uhlman
chairman, clearhealth inc.


David Uhlman is CEO of ClearHealth Inc. and a has been longstanding contributor and entrepreneur in open source technology for 15 years including contributions to Linux, Java, CentOS, and Joomla. He is a frequent speaker and contributor including previous talks at OSCON, SCALE, and others.

ClearHealth Inc is the company associated with the ClearHealth open source project, a practice management and electronic medical record system derived from VA VistA started in 2003 which now has over 18 million patients in more than 1,000 installations including notable large scale systems like Tarrant County TX, The Primary Care Coalition, The University of Texas Medical Branch and numerous Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) nationwide.


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Portland Ballroom
David Uhlman (clearhealth inc.)
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Hacking Healthcare author David Uhlman will show you how to 3D print your body parts, order your own lab work, build a DNA analyzer, tour an array of personal monitoring devices for fitness, health and open biology projects, stop eating altogether by switching to soylent. Also tips on what insurance to get, navigating hospitals and finding the right doctor. Read more.