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Lars Kurth

Lars Kurth
Director Open Source Programs Office, Community Manager Xen Project, Citrix Systems Ltd

Website | @lars_kurth

Lars Kurth had his first contact with the open source community in 1997 when he worked on various parts of the ARM toolchain. This experience led him to become a passionate open source enthusiast who has worked with and for many open source communities over the past 15 years. Lars has contributed to projects including GCC, Eclipse, Symbian, and Xen and became the open source community manager for in 2011. Lars is an IT generalist with a wide range of skills in software development and methodology. He is experienced in building and leading engineering teams and communities, as well as constructing marketing, product management, and change programs impacting thousands of users. Lars has 17 years of industry experience in the infrastructure, tools, and mobile sectors for companies including ARM, Citrix, Nokia, and the Symbian Foundation.


Lars Kurth (Citrix Systems Ltd)
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In this talk we will look at some of the basic dynamics playing out in open source communities and introduce some mental models explaining them. We will look at the Open Source Flywheel (inspired by Walton's Productivity Loop and the Bezos Flywheel) and the Open Source Community Funnel (inspired by Sales Funnels) to explain them. Read more.