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Josh Barratt

Josh Barratt
Chief Architect, Media Temple

Website | @jbarratt

Josh joined leading (mt) Media Temple, a leading LA-based web hosting and cloud services company, as a system engineer in 2003 before making his way up to CTO and then Chief Architect. Josh’s world is a blend of computer science, software development, systems administration and the people and processes that tie it all together. Prior to Media Temple, he worked six years as a software engineer and has built everything from large clustered systems to embedded real-time motion control for special effects, and almost everything in between. Though experienced in a number of programming languages and environments, his current happy place is with Python.


Josh Barratt (Media Temple)
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As technologists, sometimes it’s as important to be able to share information with others as to be able to actually build something. IPython notebook is a powerful tool to both experiment with code (and data) and share the results with others, technical and non-technical alike. This session introduces the notebook and gives examples and techniques for using it effectively. Read more.