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Kirsten Hunter

Kirsten Hunter
API Evangelist, Akamai

Website | @synedra

Kirsten Hunter is an unapologetic hacker and passionate advocate for the development community. Her technical interests range from graph databases to cloud services, and her experience supporting and evangelizing REST APIs has given her a unique perspective on developer success. In her copious free time she’s a gamer, fantasy reader, and all around rabble-rouser. Code samples, recipes, and philosophical musings can be found on her blog, Princess Polymath.


Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)
Kirsten Hunter (Akamai)
If you want your APIs to amaze and delight your developer partners, bring Kristen all of your API design questions. She’ll chat with you about the API design process (how to plan and create an API that will be successful), developer engagement and support (aka the care and feeding of your developer partners), and how you can help your customers learn and troubleshoot your API. Read more.
Computational Thinking
Portland 255
Kirsten Hunter (Akamai)
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So you want to create a platform for your product? Creating a fantastic open API (or even a closed one) is not the same as creating other products. I'll talk about how what you need to know to design, plan and execute a successful, engaging API and how to avoid common pitfalls. Read more.
Geek Lifestyle
Portland 256
Kirsten Hunter (Akamai), Kjerstin Williams (Applied Minds)
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The Quantified Self movement is all about keeping measurements about your life in order to track progress in various ways. As geeks we all enjoy playing with new toys, and there are a variety of devices and applications out there to help measure steps, activity and fitness. Combining the data from these devices can help you build tools to track your fitness in a way that makes sense for you. Read more.