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Ken Walker

Ken Walker
Shopify Storefront Editor, Shopify Inc.


Ken is the lead for the Open Source Orion project. He aims to make web based development tools match and exceed the capabilities of a desktop IDE and not just for Web applications. His work in developer tools includes a long history from ENVY/Smalltalk, VisualAge for Java, VisualAge Micro Edition, Eclipse and now the JavaScript based client side Orion platform. Previously he was responsible for IBM’s J9 Mobile JVM platform.


Ken Walker (Shopify Inc.)
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Working in open source is living the dream, right? What happens when that dream clashes with the real world deliveries associated with those paying you to work in the open. Speaking from 3 years of experience working on a new tools project and through interviews with others in the industry, this talk should help show you through the ups and downs. Read more.
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Ken Walker (Shopify Inc.)
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Need some advice on your next great open source project? Ken can steer you in the right direction. Talk to him about the benefits of the Eclipse Foundation as a home for your project, and discuss what prevents you from trying out cloud IDEs. Ken will also point out which open source components from Orion’s JavaScript libraries you can leverage in your own project. Read more.