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Michael Bleigh

Michael Bleigh
CEO/Cofounder, Divshot

Website | @mbleigh

Michael is a JavaScript and Ruby developer and the CEO/Cofounder of Divshot, a static web hosting platform for developers. He has been working to make web development better through open source contributions (such as OmniAuth, Grape, and Themestrap) as well as by speaking at events including as RailsConf, Confoo, Open Source Bridge, and OSCON.


Michael Bleigh (Divshot)
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A combination of open standards, open source projects, and evolving browser technologies have made static web apps an increasingly appealing target even for complex applications. Learn how you can “go static” and why you might want to do so. Read more.
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table A)
Michael Bleigh (Divshot)
Come by and talk to Michael about single-page web applications, static site generators, and static content hosting. He’s also willing to tackle other issues such as CORS web services, browser technology, and web components. Read more.