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Patrick McGarry

Patrick McGarry
Director Ceph Community, Red Hat


Patrick is currently incarnated as a Director of Community at Red Hat working to spread the Ceph gospel. An experienced community manager, gamer, mischief maker, and all around geek, Patrick spent five years writing and managing Slashdot under the nomme du keyboard
‘scuttlemonkey.’ Patrick enthusiastically helps companies to understand and adopt Open Source ideals and continues to be a strong advocate of FOSS on the desktop and in the enterprise. He has strong feelings about tomatoes, longs for his deep, dark cave, and still
hates writing these bios.


Databases & Datastores | Operations & System Administration
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials.
Patrick McGarry (Red Hat)
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This Introduction to Ceph tutorial will include a mix of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations that will introduce students to the Ceph distributed storage system, the challenges it addresses, its architecture, and solutions it offers. Students will leave understanding how Ceph works, how it can be integrated with your services and applications, and how it works alongside OpenStack. Read more.