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Kevin Crocker

Kevin Crocker
Consulting Instructor, Pivotal


Kevin Crocker is a Consulting Instructor at Pivotal. He combines 40 years of technology awareness with 30 years of instructional expertise spanning multiple technologies and disciplines to bring a rich educational experience to his classes.

His teaching background includes: Statistics; operations research; optimization theory; distance education; adult education; instructional design; UNIX and Linux operating systems, servers, and scripting; Java; business, banking, and finance; virtualization; and Data Analytics.

He is a published author and award winning course designer. His guiding principle is: Driven by light bulbs!

When he’s not helping people learn leading edge technology he’s busy with his family, golf, and home brewing special beers.


Kevin Crocker (Pivotal)
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Data scientists need to have a grab bag of tools available to accomplish the task of value-driven data analytics. Many of those tools are open source. Come see how Pivotal is leveraging and contributing to open source with data science. Special focus on: R, Python, MADlib, Open Chorus, Apache Tomcat, Apache Hadoop, Redis, Rabbit MQ, Cloud Foundry and other open source toolkits. Read more.