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Shadaj Laddad

Shadaj Laddad
Student, School


Shadaj is a 14 year old who loves to program. He has programmed in Logo, NXT Mindstorms, Ruby, Python, C, Java, and Scala—his favorite. Shadaj hosts his projects on GitHub, and has a educational channel on Youtube. He has presented at Scala Days 2013, Scala Days 2012, and the Bay Area Scala Enthusiast group showing his Scala projects. Besides programming, he likes Math and Science. Shadaj is also an active member of his school community as Student Council President. He loves spreading a love of technology, and started TechTalks—a program that brings guest speakers to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students at his school. When not doing his school work or programming, he plays guitar, sitar, and games, some of which he created.


Portland Ballroom
Shadaj Laddad (School)
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Kids can start to learn to program at any age; I started at six. All I needed was tools, guidance, and encouragement. Once I got hooked, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me. I could create my own video games instead of being restricted by the rules of games made by others. Read more.
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Expo Hall (Table D)
Shadaj Laddad (School)
Shadaj is a 14 year old student who loves to program. He’s happy to chat about anything from Scala programming to technology in schools today. He’ll answer your questions about kids programming, including how to get started and what tools are available. And he’ll engage you on topics such bioinformatics algorithms, Android, web development, and game programming. Read more.