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Wendy Chisholm

Wendy Chisholm
Senior Accessibility Strategist and Universal Design Evangelist, Microsoft

Website | @wendyabc

I am an author, activist and project manager. I co-wrote “Universal Design for Web Applications” with Matt May (O’Reilly, 2008) and edited Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and 2.0–the basis of most web accessibility policies. I have appeared as Wonder Woman in a web comic with the other HTML5 Super Friends and as myself in interviews on Minnesota Public Radio, Puget Sound Public Radio, and at Ignite Seattle. In November 2009, I was the Seattle PI’s Geek of the Week.

I’ve focused on universal design since 1995. Being both a developer (B.S. in Computer Science) and a Human Factors Engineer (M.S. in Industrial Engineering/Human Factors), I bridge communication between developers and designers. As a Senior Strategist at Microsoft, I help make Bing services and apps accessible.

Photo taken by Andy Farnum


Portland Ballroom
Wendy Chisholm (Microsoft)
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Keynote by Wendy Chisholm, Senior Accessibility Strategist and Universal Design Evangelist, Microsoft. Read more.