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Robert Virding

Robert Virding
Principal Language Expert, Erlang Solutions Ltd.

Website | @rvirding

Robert is Principal Language Expert at Erlang Solutions Ltd. He was one of the early members of the Ericsson Computer Science Lab, and co-inventor of the Erlang language. He took part in the original system design and contributed much of the original libraries, as well as to the current compiler. While at the lab he also did a lot of work on the implementation of logic and functional languages, as well as garbage collection.

Robert’s passion is language implementation and he created a Lisp Flavored Erlang (LFE) and Luerl, leveraging his intimate knowledge of the Erlang environment, compiler and VM. He did reactive programming long before it became a buzz word. He is also rumored to be the best Erlang teacher on this planet.

Robert has worked as an entrepreneur and was one of the co-founders of one of the first Erlang startups (Bluetail). He worked a number of years at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) Modelling and Simulations Group. And he co-authored the first book (Prentice-Hall) on Erlang, and is regularly invited to teach and present throughout the world.


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