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Jarret Raim

Jarret Raim
Senior Security Product Manager, Rackspace

Website | @jarretraim

Jarret Raim is the Security Product Manager at Rackspace Hosting. Since joining Rackspace, he has built a software assurance program for Rackspace’s internal software teams as well as defined strategy for building secure systems on Rackspace’s OpenStack Cloud implementation. Through his experience at Rackspace, and as a consultant for Denim Group, Jarret has assessed and remediated applications in all industries and has experience width a wide variety of both development environments and the tools used to audit them. Jarret has recently taken charge of Rackspace’s efforts to secure the Cloud through new product development, training and research. Jarret holds a Masters in Computer Science from Lehigh University and Bachelors in Computer Science from Trinity University.


Jarret Raim (Rackspace), Paul Kehrer (Rackspace)
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