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Ethan Dereszynski

Ethan Dereszynski
Research Scientist, Webtrends

Ethan Dereszynski is a research scientist in machine learning and data mining at Webtrends. He earned his PhD in computer science at Oregon State University in 2012. Ethan’s research focuses on the application of machine learning, in particular Bayesian statistics and probabilistic models, to challenging problems across multiple disciplines. Combining work and play, Ethan is also interested in unsupervised approaches for learning models of player behavior in real-time strategy games (read: accepting all challengers at StarCraft). Prior to studying at Oregon State, he received a B.S. in computer science at Alma College, where he minored in Mathematics and English.


Computational Thinking
Portland 255
Ethan Dereszynski (Webtrends), Eric Butler (Cedexis)
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Visitors to an online store rarely make their intention explicit. A valuable goal in digital marketing is to infer this intention so to influence the visitor's behavior in-situ. We describe a data-driven approach to identifying and predicting online user behavior. The talk focuses on the construction of real-time machine learning tools for inference to sites with thousands of concurrent visitors. Read more.