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Johnny Hughes

Johnny Hughes
Software Engineer, CentOS Project


CentOS-4 Lead Developer, CentOS-5 updates, CentOS-6 updates. If you are looking for me in the CentOS IRC channels or Forums I am hughesjr there.

I first started working with UNIX in the early 1980’s with an AT&T 3b2 server.

I first started working with Linux in 1995 with a Red Hat Linux webserver.

I retired from the US Navy in 1997 (I spent ~20 years as a Engineering Laboratory Technician on Nuclear Submarines while in the US Navy). Lots of that time I also spent as a UNIX systems administrator working with AT&T and HP-UX servers.

Since 1997 I have been a UNIX (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris), Windows (NT, 2000, 2003), Linux (Red Hat, CentOS) systems administrator, an Oracle DBA, a Senior Systems Analyst and a Network Engineer … and finally now a Software Engineer for the CentOS Project


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Karsten Wade (Red Hat/Fedora Project)
Johnny Hughes (CentOS Project), Jim Perrin (CentOS Project)
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