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Willem Toorop

Willem Toorop
Software Engineer, NLNet Labs

Willem is a developer at NLnet Labs, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the development of open-source implementations of open standards. At NLnet Labs Willem is the lead developer of the C DNS utility library: ldns. Willem has implemented leading edge DNS functionality for ldns based on new open standards such as DNSSEC and DANE. Our getdns-api implementation utilizes ldns for processing DNS data. Another of NLnet Labs C-libraries, libunbound, is used for DNS resolving. Besides working on ldns Willem also maintains and develops the perl Net::DNS and Net::DNS::SEC modules and actively researches Path MTU black holes that hamper DNSSEC deployment.


Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table E)
Allison Mankin (Verisign, Inc.), Glen Wiley (Verisign, Inc.), Neel Goyal (Verisign, Inc.), Willem Toorop (NLNet Labs)
Learn more about getdns for accessing DNS security and other powerful features. Targeted to application developers, getdns provides both basic and advanced DNS capabilities, while requiring little DNS expertise. Glen, Neel, Willem, and Allison will explain how to leverage DNS to create authenticated services with getdns modes. Read more.
Allison Mankin (Verisign, Inc.), Willem Toorop (NLNet Labs), Neel Goyal (Verisign, Inc.), Glen Wiley (Verisign, Inc.)
The need for secure DNS is more pressing than ever but the current standard API for using the DNS can't take advantage of modern DNS features. We will give an application developers view of DNSSEC and describe the independently written getDNS API specification. We will showcase the open source implementation of the specification built by our team of developers from NLNet Labs and Verisign. Read more.