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Rachel Magario
Adversity Expert, The Blind Visionary

Website | @rachelmagario

Rachel Magario is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Pacer Simon Technology Center. As the first totally blind interaction designer, Rachel is known as a leader and visionary who has triumphed over adversity consistently throughout her life.

Rachel has presented at SXSW Interactive and consulted for various companies and universities throughout the United States on accessibility. Rachel has an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and a Masters in Interaction design from the University of Kansas.

Magario’s dream is that usability and accessibility can be considered from the start of a project and not as an after thought. She believes this would open the door for access of information and for accessible tools. This shift would allow her and others to pursue their careers of choice and live with the dignity that should be the right of every human.

Rachel has been involved with accessibility consulting and advocacy since the early 2000s. Throughout the years, Rachel served as an accessibility consultant to several university related projects and non-profit sites that were required to comply with section 508.

Rachel soon realized through her experience that accessibility issues often involve problems of usability that affect anyone who accesses information. When Rachel started her Masters in Interaction Design, she experienced the lack of accessibility in the design tools that she was using as well as in end products coming out of these tools.
Since then, Rachel has made her mission to research and develop models and prototypes of accessible user experience. She enjoys working closely with designers and developers to ensure standards are met and to create awareness of the importance of accessible user experience.


Tools & Techniques | User Experience
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Ed Schipul (Tendenci - The Open Source Platform for NPOs), Rachel Magario (The Blind Visionary)
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How accessible are your development projects? This session puts development to the ultimate accessibility test. The presenters will guide you through an experience of accessibility for people who are blind and then go on to cover best practices, testing, and pitfalls in implementing accessible web and program design. You will walk away with actionable tips to use in your development projects. Read more.