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Paul Tarjan

Paul Tarjan
Software Engineer, Facebook

Website | @ptarjan

I’m a juggling unicylcing web hacker @ Facebook.

I’m on the HipHop for PHP team making HHVM able to run all existing PHP code. Before that, I build many of the Open Graph tools and features. Before that I was the Tech Lead for Yahoo! SearchMonkey.


Paul Tarjan (Facebook), Sara Golemon (Facebook)
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Did you know that one of the biggest PHP sites on the internet isn't running PHP? Did you know that HHVM clocks in at anywhere between 2x and 10x faster than standard PHP with an Opcode Cache? Come take a look at “The other PHP engine”, how to get a server up and running, what pitfalls to watch out for in migrating over, and what exciting extras are waiting. Read more.