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Erik Rose

Erik Rose
Lexeme Juggler, Mozilla

Website | @ErikRose

Erik Rose leads Mozilla’s DXR project, which does regex searches and static analysis on large codebases like Firefox. He is an Elasticsearch veteran, maintaining the pyelasticsearch library, transitioning Mozilla’s support knowledgebase to ES, and building a burly cluster to do realtime fuzzy matching against the entire corpus of U.S. voters. Erik is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, the author of “Plone 3 for Education”, and the nexus of the kind of animal magnetism that comes only from writing your own bio.


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Erik Rose (Mozilla), Laura Thomson (Mozilla Corporation)
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Elasticsearch provides a powerful combination of clustered full-text search, synonyms, faceting, and geographic math, but there's a big gap between its documentation and real life. We'll tell hard-won war stories, work through hands-on examples, and show what happens behind the scenes, leaving you equipped to get the best use out of Elasticseach in your projects. Read more.