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Mark Powell
Senior Computer Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA


Mark Powell is a Senior Computer Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA since 2001. Mark is the product lead for the Mars Science Laboratory mission science planning interface (MSLICE). At JPL his areas of focus are science data visualization and science planning for telerobotics. He received the 2004 NASA Software of the Year Award for his work on the Science Activity Planner science visualization and activity planning software used for MER operations. Mark is currently supporting a variety of projects at JPL including Opportunity and Curiosity rover operations and radar data processing for volcanology and seismology research.


Mark Powell (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA)
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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been busy lately open sourcing its software, such as mobile apps for viewing the latest Mars images, communicating between robots, and sharing scientific analysis software in using app containers and cloud computing. Come and listen to stories and anecdotes about working on NASA projects and our journey into open source. Read more.