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Brian Troutwine

Brian Troutwine
Software Engineer, AdRoll

Website | @bltroutwine

I’m a software engineer at AdRoll where I work on soft real-time system in Erlang. I deal with mission-critical systems that operate at large scale. Functional programming and Erlang in particular are my main areas of interest and I’m becoming increasingly interested in “large” embedded systems.

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science from Portland State University. I spoke at Erlang Factory 2014, Bay Area.


Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table D)
Brian Troutwine (AdRoll)
In his talk (“Erlang, LFE, Joxa and Elixir: Established and Emerging Languages in the Erlang Ecosystem”), Brian talks about the differences between these BEAM languages, and how each one is applicable to a distinct engineering task. During Office Hours, he’ll tell you how to get started with each of these languages, and talk about the domains in which they succeed and fail. Read more.
Brian Troutwine (AdRoll)
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Erlang is a concurrent programming language with a small, active community and many high-uptime, critical deployments. It's syntax is a bit odd, being inspired by Prolog. Other languages--Elixir, notably--have begun to reap the benefits of Erlang's VM, BEAM, modifying syntax and semantics. This talk will provide a view of the BEAM languages, their history, motivations and benefits. Read more.