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Anne Ogborn

Anne Ogborn
Founder, The Elgin Works


Anne Ogborn is an avid SWI-Prolog fan, professional SWI-Prolog programmer, and sometimes contributor to the SWI-Prolog project.
She uses SWI-Prolog to create games that create change for the OSU Wavicles, and to program advanced social robotics for Robokind.


Anne Ogborn (The Elgin Works)
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Savvy functional programmers are discovering logic programming, and SWI-Prolog's vast niftiness. Come watch Annie run her debugger in reverse, directly execute syntax specifications, and lets the computer figure out it's own darn execution strategy. Be amazed as Annie constrains variables and shrinks her APIs. Ooh and Aah at the many libraries, nifty web framework and clean environment. Read more.
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)
Anne Ogborn (The Elgin Works)
Ann is ready to talk SWI-Prolog with you—and help you get it installed. She’ll chat with you about your planned uses for Prolog, talk you out of the “wrap my rules engine in a real language” mentality, and help you get through the “hey, 2+2 = 4 fails, wtf?” stage. And she’ll laugh evilly when you mention Tomcat. Read more.