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Mark McLoughlin
Consulting Engineer, Red Hat

Website | @markmc_

Mark McLoughlin is a consulting engineer at Red Hat and has spent over a decade contributing to and leading open source projects like GNOME, Fedora, KVM, qemu, libvirt, oVirt and, of course, OpenStack.

Mark is a member of OpenStack’s technical committee and the OpenStack Foundation board of directors. He contributes mostly to Oslo, Nova and TripleO but will happily dive in to any project.

Mark is responsible for Red Hat’s OpenStack technical direction from the CTO office.


Mark McLoughlin (Red Hat), Thierry Carrez (OpenStack Foundation)
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Mark McLoughlin and Monty Taylor - both members of the OpenStack Technical Committee and Foundation Board - gives their perspectives on how OpenStack caters to two distinct audiences with its time-based release process and its support for continuous deployment. They will also talk to this a case study for how DevOps is influencing the way open-source projects are managed and consumed. Read more.