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A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Senior Python Engineer, MongoDB

Website | @jessejiryudavis

Senior Python Engineer at MongoDB in New York City. Author of Motor, an async MongoDB driver for Tornado, and of Toro, a library of locks and queues for Tornado coroutines. Contributor to Python, PyMongo, MongoDB, Tornado, and Tulip.


Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table B)
Come by and have an informal chat with Jesse about MongoDB and Python-related topics, such as Python’s async frameworks, using MongoDB with Python, and MongoDB in general. Read more.
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Asynchronous frameworks like Tornado, Twisted, and Node are increasingly important for writing high-performance web applications. Even if you’re an experienced web programmer, you may lack a rigorous understanding of how these frameworks work and when to use them. See how Tornado's event loop works, and learn how to efficiently handle very large numbers of concurrent connections. Read more.