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Michael Enescu

Michael Enescu
Cofounder, Project EAN

Website | @michaelenescu

Michael Enescu is CTO of Open Source Initiatives at Cisco, leading open source programs across multiple technologies and product lines. Previously he served as the first Vice President of Product at XenSource (acquired by Citrix) and one of the first employees. He has a broad range of experience having developed and delivered over two dozen enterprise and consumer software products. Previously he was a founding member of the Mobile Web Services group at Palm and a founding member of the Java Content and J2ME teams at Sun. He led the development of first streaming video servers and digital libraries at SGI. He started his career in storage virtualization at IBM where he managed the development of the earlier versions of IBM’s core middleware platform product in the WebSphere suite, along with leading development in expert systems, operating systems and virtualization in IBM’s Storage Products group. Michael has a BS degree from Caltech and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.


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Portland 251
Michael Enescu (Project EAN)
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Open Source is ubiquitous in Cloud compute. Just as we became familiar with Cloud computing, a new model has emerged, an extension of the cloud to the edge of the network, some call it Fog computing, some call it the Internet of Things. This talk describes how the compute model is changing as the new generation of devices stretched what we previously knew as Cloud compute. Read more.
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Michael Enescu (Project EAN)
Now that you’re familiar with cloud computing, along comes the next new thing: Fog computing. Michael will tell you what exactly Fog computing is, how it evolved from cloud compute, and where it’s going. He’ll also talk about network challenges in cloud computing with the Internet of Things, as well as IoT open source projects. Read more.