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Steve Hannah

Steve Hannah
Web Services Developer, Simon Fraser University

Website | @shannah78

I am a software developer because I love to create things and software imposes the fewest limitations on my creativity of any medium. Computer + Idea + Time + Perspiration = Any outcome you want.

I started out with a G3 Bondi-Blue iMac and a free copy of Adobe Page Mill in 1998, but quickly expanded my horizon to include HTML, Javascript, PERL, Flash 3, and finally PHP 3 – in that order. Finding myself spending hours reading and writing web apps before and my day job, I decided to take my aspirations to the next level and attend University. I never looked back.

I am a recovering O’Reilly book junkie who still has serious relapses from time-to-time. I try to stay open to any new software techniques and languages that come along, but currently I use PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL for most of my web application development, and Java for most of my desktop and mobile application development.

I founded a few open source projects, including Xataface (a framework for building data-driven web applications with PHP and MySQL) and SWeTE (Simple Website Translation Engine), a proxy for internationalizing web applications. I also enjoy blogging about software-related issues.


Java & JVM | Mobile Platforms
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Steve Hannah (Simon Fraser University)
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This tutorial will demonstrate the use of Codename One to develop a cross-platform mobile application in Java. In it you will build a non-trivial application and deploy it to your mobile device. Read more.