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Jason Swartz

Jason Swartz
Software Engineer, Mesosphere

Website | @swartzrock

Jason is a Software Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, developing applications and services in Scala at Netflix. Before making the switch to functional programming he managed the developer docs and support team at eBay, wrote advertising and merchandising platforms in Java and built tools and UI prototypes at Apple. His book, “Learning Scala”, will be published by O’Reilly Media in Spring 2014.


Computational Thinking | Java & JVM
Portland 251
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials.
Jason Swartz (Mesosphere), Kelsey Gilmore-Innis (Sexual Health Innovations)
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Scala powers some of the biggest companies in the world, including Twitter, Intel, and LinkedIn. Come learn what led them to choose this powerful JVM language and try it out yourself. You’ll get a hands-on intro to Scala and functional programming concepts by building your own performant REST API. No FP experience needed--if you can build apps in Java, Python or Ruby you’ll do great in this class. Read more.
Office Hours
Expo Hall (Table E)
Jason Swartz (Mesosphere)
Looking to get started with Scala? Jason is on hand to answer questions about this object-functional programming language. Find out how Netflix is using Scala for rapid API development, and why Scala may be useful to you. Read more.