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Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith
Founder and Project Manager, Project Gado

Website | @projectgado

Thomas Smith is an inventor and entrepreneur, and the creator of the open source Gado 2 archival scanning robot. Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as “a robot which rescues black history”, the Gado 2 has been used to digitize 120,000+ images in the archives of the Afro American Newspapers, and is now in use at archives from California to Finland. Mr. Smith currently leads Project Gado, as well as several other ventures.


Thomas Smith (Project Gado)
This talk shares the success story of how a small open hardware project used an Arduino/Python archival digitization robot to spark an international collaboration spanning cultures and continents. The talk focuses on how the collaboration came to be, how the teams used tools like 3D printing and video to work together across 5000+ miles, and how other OS projects can create similar partnerships. Read more.