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Carl Quinn

Carl Quinn
Software Architect, Riot Games


Carl Quinn has been developing software professionally for 34 years, starting with BASIC on an Apple II, slogging through C/C++ on DOS, Windows and embedded, and finally landing in the Java-on-Linux world. The one thread through his career has been an inexplicable attraction to developer tools, spending time building them at Borland (C++ & Java IDEs), Sun (Java RAD), Google (Java & C++ build system), Netflix (Java build and cloud deployment automation) and most recently at Riot Games (Cloud Architect). Carl also co-hosts the Java Posse podcast, the #1 ranked Java technology podcast.


Carl Quinn (Riot Games)
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The Netflix OSS Cloud stack is clearly a great set of components for building a cloud infrastructure and platform—if you are Netflix. But how does that architecture work for other businesses? Learn how at Riot we leveraged Netflix OSS cloud tools and platform components to create an infrastructure for our global game platform—maybe it can work for you too. Read more.