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Ed Leafe
Developer, Rackspace

Website | @EdLeafe

Ed has been a developer for over 20 years, and is one of the original developers involved with the creation of OpenStack. After leaving the Microsoft world over a decade ago he has been primarily a Python developer, and has spoken as several US PyCons, as well as PyCon Australia and PyCon Canada. He has been working with Rackspace for the past 6 years as a senior Python developer. He also throws a mean Frisbee.


Ed Leafe (Rackspace)
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Taking a complex API and wrapping it to create a coherent SDK for a programming language is a huge undertaking, and even harder when it has to be done by a single developer. I created pyrax, the Python SDK for OpenStack, at the request of my company. It has been a success, but it didn't come easy. In this talk I'll share some of the many lessons learned, both technical and political. Read more.