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David Quigley

David Quigley
Defensive Computing Researcher, Independent

David Quigley making a return appearance to OSCON after his “Demystifying SELinux: WTF is it saying?” talk started his career as a Computer Systems Researcher for the National Information Assurance Research Lab at the NSA where he worked as a member of the SELinux team. David leads the design and implementation efforts to provide Labeled-NFS support for SELinux. David has previously contributed to the open source community through maintaining the Unionfs 1.0 code base and through code contributions to various other projects. David has presented at conferences such as the Ottawa Linux Symposium, the StorageSS workshop, LinuxCon and several local Linux User Group meetings where presentation topics have included storage, file systems, and security. David currently works as a Computer Science Professional for the Operations, Analytics and Software Development (OASD) Division at Keyw Corporation.


Operations & System Administration | Security
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David Quigley (Independent)
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Building on last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Demystifying SELinux: WTF is it saying?’ talk Demystifying ‘SELinux Part II: Who’s policy is it anyway?’ is an extended tutorial which has attendees work through real life examples of SELinux configuration and policy construction. Read more.
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Expo Hall (Table E)
David Quigley (Independent)
In his ongoing campaign to demystify SELinux, David is ready to tackle any questions you have—including what it was like to work on the SELinux team at the NSA. He’ll gladly talk to you about SELinux Internals and anything he covered (or didn’t cover) in his tutorial, “Demystifying SELinux Part II: Who’s Policy Is It Anyway?” Read more.