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Mark Lavin
Development Director, Caktus Consulting Group


Mark is a lead Python/Django developer and technical manager at Caktus Consulting Group in Carrboro, NC. He also runs a small homebrewing website written in Django called He came to Python web development after a few years pricing derivatives on Wall Street. Mark maintains a number of open source projects primarily related to Django development and frequently contributes back to projects used by Caktus. When he isn’t programming, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, brewing beer, and running.


Mark Lavin (Caktus Consulting Group)
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Have you ever written or used an API wrapper for a webservice? REST is a client-server architecture model and building the server is only half of the challenge. This talk will walk through some of the challenges of building a REST client, describe some best practices and some patterns to avoid, and discuss how we can all work to build better APIs for an open web. Read more.