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Paco Nathan

Paco Nathan
Evil Mad Scientist,

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O’Reilly author (Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading) and a “player/coach” who’s led innovative Data teams building large-scale apps for 10+ yrs. Expert in machine learning, cluster computing, and Enterprise use cases for Big Data. Interests: Mesos, PMML, Open Data, Cascalog, Scalding, Python for analytics, NLP.


Business | Computational Thinking
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Advanced math for business people: “just enough math” to take advantage of new classes of open source frameworks. Many take college math up to calculus, but never learn how to approach sparse matrices, complex graphs, or supply chain optimizations. This tutorial ties these pieces together into a conceptual whole, with use cases and simple Python code, as a new approach to computational thinking. Read more.
Computational Thinking
Portland 255
Paco Nathan (
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Several frameworks have emerged for handling data workflows. Meanwhile, business use of Machine Learning is less about algorithms and more about leveraging workflows. This talk compares/contrasts different workflow approaches with focus on use cases, plus how some leverage the PMML open standard. Summary points build a scorecard for evaluating frameworks based on your use case needs. Read more.