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Olivier Bloch
Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft


I am Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., looking into interoperability, cross platform and open source development for Microsoft client platforms: Windows Phone, Windows and IE.
Prior to this role I have been in the embedded space for almost 10 years prior to this, developing, consulting, training and talking about the Internet Of Things, connected devices and other cool and interesting topics in France, in the US and in other places around the world.
I am not just a geek who loves to play around with the latest gadgets… well, mostly a geek… but I love the idea that geeking around with these devices is all about what the consumer and industrial ecosystems are becoming these days.


User Experience
Olivier Bloch (Microsoft), Rick Barraza (Cynergy Systems)
Want to integrate some body, face, voice recognition into your 3D application? You can do this fairly easily using the Kinect for Windows sensor along with the Kinect Common Bridge, an open source library that makes it simple to integrate Kinect experiences into your C++ code/library. OpenFrameworks, Cinder and other creative development communities have adopted it already! Cool creative demos! Read more.