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Kara Sowles

Kara Sowles
Manager of Community and Evangelism, Puppet


Kara Sowles is Community Initiatives Manager at Puppet Labs in Portland, OR. She’s excited to swap user group tips with you for far too long.

When she’s done planning events and running community programs at Puppet Labs, she enjoys going home and making stop motion animation with actual Puppets.


Kara Sowles (Puppet)
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Events are an attractive way to grow a community, but how do you choose which types of events work best for your users? We'll cover a variety of community event types, as well as building and scaling user groups remotely, simultaneous in-person and online participation, and getting other departments at your company invested in what you're planning. Read more.
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Kara Sowles (Puppet)
Kara is always eager to swap user group tips with you. Come by and pick her brain about ways to remove common obstacles that user groups encounter, and how to craft welcoming, friendly meetings and events. Find out how to plan the right events for your community. Read more.