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Carina C. Zona

Carina C. Zona
Founder, @CallbackWomen

Website | @cczona

Carina C. Zona is a developer and advocate. Her day job is as the community manager for open source software ZeroVM. She has also been a teacher & organizer for many tech women’s organizations. Carina is the founder of @CallbackWomen, an initiative to connect first-time speakers with conferences. She is also a certified sex educator. In her spare time, she engineers baked goods. Using git. Because she loves versioning that much.


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Carina C. Zona (@CallbackWomen)
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Development challenges us to code for users’ personal world. Users give push-back to ill-fitted assumptions about their own name, gender, sexual orientation, important relationships, & other attributes that are individually meaningful. We'll explore how to develop software that brings real world into focus & that allows individuals to authentically reflect their personhood & physical world. Read more.