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Trisha Gee

Trisha Gee
Developer Advocate, JetBrains

Website | @trisha_gee

Trisha Gee is a developer advocate at JetBrains, where she gets to share all the interesting things she’s constantly discovering. Trisha has developed Java applications for a range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, software, and nonprofit, for companies of all sizes. She has expertise in Java high-performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and dabbles with open source development. Trisha is a leader of the Sevilla Java User Group and a Java Champion. She believes healthy communities and sharing ideas help us to learn from mistakes and build on successes.


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Trisha Gee (JetBrains)
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It seems to have been a common theme amongst startups to create the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a language that facilitates rapid prototyping (for example Ruby), and then migrate to the JVM when the application has proved itself and requires more in terms of stability and performance. Read more.