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Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith
Programmer, Guild AI


Garrett Smith is senior architect at CloudBees, the company behind Jenkins CI and leading Java platform-as-a-service vendor. Garrett specializes in distributed systems and reliable software. His language of choice for systems programming is Erlang, a high productivity functional language specializing in concurrency and reliability. Garrett is an Erlang instructor and the author of the e2 library, which was built from his experience teaching Erlang. Garrett is also known for the videos “MongoDB is Web Scale” and “Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech”.


JavaScript - HTML5 - Web | Tools & Techniques
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Garrett Smith (Guild AI)
Average rating: ****.
(4.14, 7 ratings)
Learn the fundamentals of Erlang - a high productivity, functional programming language used to build scalable, highly concurrent systems. In this tutorial, we'll introduce Erlang by way of a fun problem: building an HTTP server! You'll learn the basic of networking programming in Erlang along with key techniques for performance and scalability. Read more.
Computational Thinking
Portland 255
Garrett Smith (Guild AI)
Average rating: ****.
(4.12, 8 ratings)
Erlang is famous for building systems that are incredibly reliable, having virtually no down time! What are the principles that Erlang uses? Can we apply them in other languages? In this presentation, you'll learn how Erlang's design enables reliability and how you can use similar patterns to improve your own software and software systems. Read more.